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The 2021 season was consumed by the question of whether receiver Larry Fitzgerald would return to football, perhaps for a run at the Super Bowl win he almost secured in early 2009 over the Steelers. The 2022 season will feature multiple Fitzgerald sightings, but not in uniform.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that Fitzgerald is joining the cast of ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown.

Fitzgerald will appear on Monday night’s season opener between the Broncos and Seahawks. He’ll participate in roughly five to seven broadcasts this season.

Currently, Fitzgerald appears on the Let’s Go! podcast with Tom Brady and Jim Gray. But it’s never, as best we can tell, a three-man weave. Each week, there are two files — Gray talking to Brady, and Gray talking to Fitzgerald.

When Fitzgerald does his talking on ESPN, he needs to say something. Too many former players shy away from speaking their mind, in order to avoid ruffling feathers. It may preserve relationships and/or avoid angry texts, but it makes for less-than-compelling content.

However it goes for Fitzgerald on TV, he has always seemed to be destined for tremendous post-football success, in whatever he chooses to do. I continue to think that, eventually, we’ll see him get involved in public service and politics. If he wants to thrive on TV, he needs to forget about the politics of football and tell it like it is.